There are individual and group sessions. 

30 to 60 minute duration

1 to 3 times a week 


I feel like I don't communicate the same anymore

Can't say what I want or ....people can't understand me anymore 

~ Expressive Goals

I hear but can't follow along 

~ Receptive Goals

I want you to be able to communicate with anyone you would like to. I use visual, verbal and tactile cueing to help say what you want and help others understand you more, as well as to help you follow the conversation.

Evaluation & Screening

An evaluation and screening helps answer questions in a standardized and/or unstandardized manner. Does the individual need speech and language therapy? I can provide information on the areas in need of improvement. For instance, "strengths are syntax and semantics but following verbal directions are difficult."

Coughing and Pneumonia

Difficulty chewing, coughing, spilling/drooling are some signs of swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). I want you to enjoy food without the difficulties or risks for aspiration or pneumonia. I use treatments and techniques to address swallowing difficulties and reduce the risk of aspiration.

I don't like how I sound

1. Smoker voice  
2. Breathy voice
3. Dialect/ accent
4. Voice doesn't match gender

I can assess, address, and reduce voice difficulties using strengthening or relaxing vocal exercises.


I can provide techniques that may help slow rate of speech.  I can utilize techniques that help the speech mechanics to slow down. I use strategies that emphasize rhythmic speech for clear articulation and reduce bumpy speech. I want you to become a smooth speaker. My goal is for you to read and speak fluently. We (reader and I) can do this together :) 

Help! I am losing or lost skills that I once had

Help me show you what I can't say ~AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Goals

Help me remember ~ Memory Goals

Restore my language abilities ~Aphasia Goals

Strengthen my oral muscles for speech ~ Dysarthria Goals

Can't focus or communicate differently ~ Stroke Awareness