There are individual and group sessions. 

30 to 60 minute duration

1 to 3 times a week

Toddler to 18

Evaluation & Screening

An evaluation and screening helps answer questions in a standardized and/or unstandardized manner. I can provide information on the areas in need of improvement. For instance, "strengths are syntax and semantics but following verbal directions are difficult." Does the individual need speech and language therapy?

I can’t tell but I can show you

I may need to develop an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) to help reduce frustration. I will aim for and encourage verbal output. An AAC device is there to help make sure he/she is still increasing vocabulary usage and that there is an exchange of: wants, needs, desires, thoughts, ideas (reciprocate a response).

Says words wrong...or hard to understand

Articulation errors are one of many reasons why parents seek and the child receives speech therapy. Some articulation errors may be developing errors for instance producing /r/ when they are three (corrected with time). However, at age 7 producing incorrectly /r/ is no longer a developing error. Having articulation difficulties impact educational and social interaction with others. At United Speech Therapy, articulation errors can be effectively identified and corrected.  

It hurts to eat

Dehydration, picky eaters, or difficulty chewing are some signs of swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). I may be able to help answer questions, concerns, and provide treatment that address this issue. I have been fortunate to be exposed to  swallowing compensatory and prevention strategies in previous settings and courses. I can provide a swallowing evaluation followed by treatment. 

"Me turn,"..."He quitted,"..."On the fence mean?"

How cute. But wait, at a certain age you need to make sure you are using the correct possessives ('s), irregular past tense verbs, regular past tense verbs, idioms, inferences, multiple meaning words, etc.

Simply expand their vocabulary, grammar, and syntax

"Get the box" but brings me something else. Wish he/she would say more.

Expressive and receptive abilities are incorporated in sessions. I may start with receptive skills and transition to expressive skills. For instance, receptively I may have the individual identify the desired request. Once this is mastered, I transition to expressing a desired outcome. The individual may have to demonstrate this verbally, in writing, or through drawing. Thus, I objectively determine the outcome by taking data. It makes sense when we (you and I) personalize the goal and meet the short-term goals and ultimately reach the long-term goal.

Some say, " I don't listen or am too stubborn" But it could be something else

"It's not my fault." I can tell you if there is an issue with their auditory processing or receptive abilities that can be treated at United Speech Therapy. At times, it is true the person may hear something, but the brain doesn't process the verbal information. Therefore, it makes it very hard for the child to understand speech, follow directions, abstract language, staying on topic or take turns during conversations.