About United Speech Therapy

Selecting United Speech Therapy

I try to make sessions fun and hope to create happy memories. I am family-focused. I  use music, rhythm, and other modalities to enrich therapeutic services, which utilizes the left hemisphere of the brain, also,  strategies that target both hemispheres of the brain. I have always had a love for people and helping. I look for ways to identify strategies that stimulate cognition, motor, and social-emotional skills in a fun and loving way. 

I offer services in English and Spanish.

I am able to provide comprehensive evaluations with reports in the areas of speech and language skills. This includes but is not limited to: auditory processing, voice, articulation, phonology, tongue thrust, expressive and/or receptive language, fluency/stuttering, reading comprehension, and social/pragmatic skill development.

Additionally, I am available to provide free consultation and screening (identifies need for speech intervention, strengths, and areas need for improvement) for individuals, their families, non-public/private school, early intervention programs, and many others. I am open to all of those in need. I am only here to help :) as much I can. 

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What about United Speech Therapy LLC?

United Speech Therapy LLC, was created by Jazmin to provide family and friends resources. It is a new speech private practice that hopes to be of service to individuals from 2 to 95 years of age. I am able to provide several services that are tailored to the wants and needs of the individual. I am always happy to share my input, recommendations, suggestions, and treatments to better facilitate your individual's growth. 

I use traditional and non-traditional therapy that target long-term compensatory and/or corrective strategies. If you are having concerns about safety (falling, leaving the stove on, etc.), speaking, eating, or communicating, I would love to be part of that journey.  

I can provide several treatments, including but not limited to: expressive/receptive language, reading/writing comprehension, writing/reading, speech/articulation, pragmatic (social skills), auditory processing, cognitive deficits, dysphagia, aphasia, phonology, apraxia, voice, tongue thrust, fluency, and other developmental/acquired speech and language difficulties. 

Treatments are meant be to entertaining. I use the individual’s strengths to build the areas that need improvement. I emphasize on having fun. However, I challenge the individual to think on their own to address carryover in a natural or community setting. Opportunities of self-correction are emphasized to target long-term learning.  

My interventions are dedicated to breaking barriers that may be affecting communication, education, careers, and social-connection skills. 

At United Speech Therapy LLC, I like to use a multi-modality approach (visual, verbal, and tactile techniques) to meet the individual's short-term goals in order to reach the ultimate long-term goal. Goals are tailored to individual's wants and needs with a mixture of the clinician's expertise. The results are both data driven and effective. 

I can provide a free consultation and screening (which identifies need for speech intervention, strengths, and areas need for improvement). 

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