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 United Speech Therapy LLC is a private speech practice operated & managed by me, Jazmin Yadav. 

 I offer home visitations to Powell, Delaware, Westerville, Worthington, and Dublin, Ohio. I can service those from 2 to 95 years of age that may be having concerns with: communication, speaking, listening, following verbal directions, reading/reading comprehension, difficulty in school, writing, eating (swallowing), thinking (asking and answering questions), pragmatics (playing with others, turn taking, eye contact etc.) or safety difficulties (e.g. running across the street) 

A parent whose child didn't qualify for speech or received/receives speech therapy in the school are always welcomed at United Speech Therapy LLC. You're able to receive private speech services even if your child is considered to be on the borderline or receives speech therapy in the school setting. Working in the schools, I could tell the difference between those that received speech therapy outside. The child met their speech goals quicker. 

I am always happy to provide free consultations and screenings. Consultations can be either via phone or in-person. We can discuss your concerns together and identify if speech therapy is appropriate. If there's a speech and language concern I can observe, provide informal measurements, provide speech and language therapy, state strengths, and identify areas needed for improvement.  




6960 Kellogg Dr. Powell Ohio 43065